Race of the Century

The Collings Foundation in Stow, Massachusetts hosts a yearly event that pits some of the greatest technological advancements in human mobility against each other in what they call “The Race of the Century”. They have a collection of over 90 automobiles, racecars and aircraft housed in a large barn and two-story hanger on their property in Stow.  The weather was perfect, although a bit hot and humid standing there for several hours taking pictures. I had a great time!

PT-17 Stearman Kaydet

PT-17 Stearman Kaydet

1909 Bleriot XI built from a kit

1909 Bleriot XI built from a kit

AT-6 Texan

AT-6 Texan

The race between the Stanley Steamer (left), a 1913 Ford Model T Touring Car (middle), a 1926 Chevrolet Woody Depot Hack (right) and a horse with rider (foreground) was won by the crown favorite, the Stanley Steamer. In the picture the horse approaches the starting line where the cars are waiting.


In a race between the Bleriot (shown above) and the horse, the horse won. Sorry, didn’t get a picture of that one.

See other races below.






The car museum was housed in a beautiful old New England Barn not far from a peaceful duck pond that sits just beyond the starting line.

7231 museum barn at collings

7239 duck pond at Collings

Inside the museum…


On the top floor of the hanger there are other examples of “modern mobility” for their time and a Cadillac once owned by Al Capone.



Did I mention the sky? It was a picture perfect New England Day!




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